Perhaps it is impossible for human beings to figure out what so-called ¡°truth¡± is in this world we live in. Even though every event which happens in society contains its own complete truth, it is harder for us to realize what the real truth regarding these events is. This is because everything taking place in this world is interrelated with other events in ways which are not self-evident. The correct interpretation of events can never be found by examining them from only one perspective. Under the current circumstances in the world today, however, especially when living under the system of commercialism, the complete process of trying to interpret truth is cut short. It is obvious that the truth is generally accepted only when using certain definitions which have been created by commercialism.

Through my photographs, I want to dig deeper underneath to discover what the truth of events really is, with the ultimate goal of getting as close to the truth as possible. It is in this manner that I want to try to help make society better; to help reduce poverty, prevent conflicts, and, ideally, for everybody to live together in peace.


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